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Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment


1. Subject to availability a non-refundable deposit of £100 per vehicle secures the vehicle(s) and our Chauffeur(s) for the date and time required.

2. The balance is payable no later than 14 days before the date required.

3. Bookings that are made within 14 days of the date required should be paid in full at the time of booking.

4. We accept payment by Bank Transfer only.

5. The gold Wedding Hire period is three hours from the specified arrival time at your address; to the time we leave the Reception venue; additional hire over and above three hours is charged at £100 per hour or part thereof. For the Platinum Package this is a bespoke quote for however many hours you need.

6. Time and mileage charges are based on each individual event and will be quoted below inclusive of any taxes.

7. By making a booking i.e.; payment of the deposit and or the full hire payment it will be deemed that you have accepted without exclusion our Terms and Conditions of Hire.

8. We reserve the right to decline to accept a contract for hire in our sole discretion whether or not any suitable vehicle(s) is available.



Our Responsibilities


1. We make every effort to supply the exact vehicle(s) that you request, however, occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control the vehicle(s) may not be available. In these circumstances we will:


a. endeavour to supply similar best alternative vehicle(s), or;

b. if no alternative vehicle(s) can be provided, refund the hire fees paid; please note this will be the full extent of our compensation to you. We therefore recommend that you obtain appropriate Wedding Insurance for your own protection.


2. We will do our utmost to ensure that our Chauffeur(s) are punctual. However, you will appreciate that we cannot be held responsible for event such as Road Congestion, Accidents etc.

3. Our vehicle(s) will be fully cleaned and prepared immediately prior to your Wedding Hire, however, we cannot be responsible for any change to the outward appearance of the vehicle(s) if there is bad weather or poor terrain en-route to you or during the hire period.

4. We are fully insured however, our insurance does not cover the following:

a. customers to drive our vehicle(s) unless a separate arrangement has been made;

b. loss or damage to customer possessions;

c. consequential losses, delays or missed events.

5. We cannot undertake to provide child seats unless agreed at the time of booking and some of vehicles may not be able to have child seats fitted.



Your Responsibilities


1. You will provide accurate full address details at the time of booking of the pick-up point, the ceremony and reception venues. Our booking form will show these addresses; please advise us of any inaccuracies immediately.

2. You accept that we may refuse to carry a passenger or passengers as follows:

a. anyone who is or is thought to be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol;

b. anyone whose behaviour poses a threat to our Chauffeur, the vehicle itself or other passengers.

3. You agree not to smoke in our vehicle(s).

4. You agree that no additional wedding paraphernalia will be attached to our vehicle(s) including but not limited to; tin cans or other items attached by string or adhesives, signs and slogans etc.

5. You accept responsibility for any damage, negligent or otherwise, (other than that caused by a Road Traffic Accident or caused by our Chauffeur) to the interior or exterior of the vehicle whilst on hire to you and further agree that you may be invoiced accordingly for any repairs or valeting required to bring the vehicle(s) back to pre-hire condition.

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